Community Guidelines


Hi everyone!

 To ensure that these forums are a welcoming place for everyone, please follow these rules when making a new post or comment:

  • Do not violate any state or federal laws.
  • Do not share your own or others’ personal information (i.e. email addresses).
  • Do not post advertising, spam, pornography or links to such content.
  • Do not attack other users or Zwift staff. This includes flaming, spamming, or trolling other users maliciously.
  • Do not discuss political, racial, religious, sexist or otherwise controversial topics that do not relate to Zwift.
  • Do not impersonate a Zwift employee.
  • Do not call out Zwift staff. Addressing a staff member in a thread or making a “Dear Zwift” post will not guarantee or get you a faster response.
  • The Zwift Member Experience Team reserves the right to change or remove any posts that are otherwise deemed offensive or inappropriate.
  • Do not publicly accuse others of cheating or request that they be banned. If you suspect someone of cheating, submit a support ticket.

Here’s some general best practices to keep in mind, too:

  • Don’t make new posts in old, inactive threads. Our forum software doesn’t push these to the top, and it decreases the chance of your post being seen. Create a new thread instead.
  • Keep threads on topic. Don’t hijack a thread by changing the subject.
  • Limit responses to the most relevant thread. If there are multiple threads on a subject, don’t post in all of them. It will not get you a faster or more favorable response.

Thank you, and Ride On!