Remember last sensor config

(Karl Litterer) #1

(Karl Litterer) #2

Every time I start a new session the program automatically picks up my sensors fine. The problem I have is my powertap and duotrap both do cadence but the powertap is always selected by default and I must always manually change it to use my duotrap. It would be nice if the program would keep track of the last sensor config and use that by default if all sensors are present. Would also be nice to have bike profiles that could be selected with the sensor config stored as well.


(Anthony Cree (STC)) #3
    1. Great idea.

(Greg Woitzik) #4

Ability to permanently remove a device from the remembered list would also be beneficial.

(Karl Litterer) #5

This would be really handy with more than one zwifter in the same room too! :wink: