Remaining distance?

Hi all,
Still quite a new Zwifter and find the RoboPacers perfect for a set ride, however if I start a course that’s 32 Kms long, how do I know what distance is left. Other than making a note before I start I cannot see when the course finishes.

You need to know where the course starts (and also ends).

If it’s a 32 km course then if you’re lucky and you start your ride just before that point you’ll need to ride 32 and a bit km. If you’re really unlucky … 63 and a bit km.

Making a note and knowing where the route starts is the key.

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And if you need a steer on routes:

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Super handy now too with the main menu and you click on the robo pacer it shows you where they are on the route, and where the start/finish is (before you hit “Ride”).

After a while you’ll start to grasp visually where that is on the map, but… it’s something.