Distance to go data

Is it not possible to get a distance to go readout on the ZWIFT homepage when doing a ride?
At the moment I only seen distance done and if you forget how long the ride you are doing is (which I often do) it makes the ride drag on and on……surely this is basic data?

Write the total distance down on a Post-It note before you start and stick it on your screen or stem.

Basic af, and you get to practise your mental arithmetic along the way to distract you from how tired you’re getting.


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Quite a good idea but please don’t stick the post it note right in the middle of your screen where you might find the distance or time counting down for all races, chosen route rides, workouts and group rides. :joy:

If by any chance you join a Robo Pacer ride then you will not see the distance or time counting down as Zwift can not possibly know for how far or how long you are intending to ride.

If, say, you are joining a Robo Pacer to get a route badge I believe that as soon as you pass the official start of the route you will start to see the lap distance counting down. [Edit - I now don’t think you can see a route progress bar through joining an RP ]

Fixed it for you :rofl:

I don’t think this is the case.

if you are doing a route and a robo pacers goes by and you are in the group you lose visibility of your progress bar and it is replaced by the xp multiplier which is quite annoying

I agree with Robo Pacer passing you on a route loss of progress completion for xp, initially ! But if you very quickly drop off the Robo Pacer doesn’t your route progress completion return - IDK.

Re the route completion information starting when you pass the official route start with a RP I will test tonight.

yeah it does but you often get caught up in the group and carried along with it. I don’t really want to have to stop pedalling to let it pass. although it is less of an issue for me as i tend to do similar routes so am less interested in the progress bar as i know how long is to go for the most part.

Just had a rethink on what I have written:

You have to know where the route starts because you won’t see a route completion progress as you are riding with a RP.

I will test whether if you then drop off the RP whether route progress completion bar starts working. [ Edit - tested tonight and couldn’t get a route progress bar to appear by either joining an RP from game menu or by teleporting to an RP]