Rejoining Watopia Half-Marathon training plan only allows me a 10-week training plan instead of 11-week

(Mark Young) #1

I restarted my Watopia half marathon training plan (after started the plan 1 week too soon) but it only shows 10 week’s training plan instead of 11 weeks till 2/24th Watopia half marathon race. Is there a way for us to reset it back to the original 11-week plan?

If I start 12/10 with the plan, there should be 11 weeks left till the race day but I can’t seem to get 11-week plan registered, it only shows a 10-week plan left, leaving me 1 week ahead of other friends who is on the same plan.

(Willie) #2

Agreed! If my math is correct the shown 10 week training plan will end a full week before race date of the 24th/25th.