Training plan shortened

So I was thinking of doing the 13.1 lite training plan as I want to do a half and I don’t know if I could do too far to close to the start of the plan. So I tried enrolling into the lite version and then it just shortened it to 9 weeks! Why is this? Can you please fix it or I could just do the normal plan! By the way when I got back into running (because I’ve done 9 half’s before but the last one I did was in 2020 so it’s been a while) my runs so far are 1, 2, 3, and 3.5 miles so I just came back to running. I just didn’t know if the 13.1 Plan was too risky so I was just wanting to do the Cyclist to 10K or the Lite version but if I did the Cyclist to 10K I kind of feel it would take a while to get to the half because there’s 8 weeks in it (2 months) and on top of that I’d do the 13.1 plan which would get me to a half in 20 weeks (5 months) and I found it’s only supposed to take only 15 weeks (4 months)!
Please help me.

It’s been fixed!

Well yes and no because it says 12 weeks, I enroll, it says 9, then I unenroll, it’s says 12! What’s going on!

I might as well do the 13.1 non-lite one