Reduce Clicks to Close Zwift (Currently Takes 9 Clicks!)

When I’m done with a ride, I just want to make sure my ride is saved and close Zwift quickly. However, quickly is not possible. It takes 9 clicks in order for me to get from ending a ride to closing the Zwift app. FYI, this is via the Windows application.

Those clicks include…
1 Finding and then clicking the Menu button.
2 Clicking on the End Ride button.
3-4-5. Three clicks to select the option to make the ride data private. I do this every time. Why can’t Zwift just remember my selection?
6 Click to save the ride.
7 Click through annoying status screen showing how often I ride Zwift.
8 Click the menu button in the upper right hand corner to finally close Zwift.
9 Click the pop-up to confirm that I want to close Zwift.

Is there another way to quickly close Zwift without losing data? If I simply close the window (The “X” icon in Windows 11), it doesn’t appear as though ride data is saved.

I use Zwift Companion App (Android mobile phone) - stop + save activity 2 clicks. All my activities are set private, no clicks necessary. One click on PC keyboard, streaks - continue, second and third click leave Zwift. Little bit less than 9, but more than enough…

But - there were times you could end ride and leave with one (or two?) clicks - and many complaints about quit without saving etc.

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In the companion app you can set the default privacy for activities.


Changing the privacy setting in the Companion app did eliminate 2 clicks, but I’m still at 7 clicks just to shut-down Zwift on my Windows PC. That’s just silly. Save the clicks!

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I knew I couldn’t be the only one who just wants to save everything and end the ride with one click.

Exactly! Not only is it too many clicks, but things get WAY worse now that I’m viewing Zwift on a 4K TV. The graphics look great, but my I have to move the cursor the length of a football field between each pop-up or button I have to click just to shut down Zwift.

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How do I vote? Feeling stupid here.