Red screen and size messed up after update

Help! I’m much better at riding my bike than figuring out computer stuff so maybe someone can help. Upon opening zwift after the update, the screen goes reddish and the size distorts and I’m unable to use the program. I restarted several times and that’s about the only strategy I have. Here’s some info about my computer:

Dell Inspiron 13-7359 with windows 10
Intel HD graphics 520

I’m not sure what other computer info should be included?

Thank you in advance!

At what point does this happen, soon as you login, only once you enter a game world? Can you post a screenshot?

I would try reinstalling Zwift, if you haven’t already.

I wonder if you have the same problem as this user - White Screen after Zwift Update on Windows 10 - #2 by Tim_dODZ

I also have this problem since the latest update on 13th Jan. I have videoed the problem on YouTube. First 3 minutes show a working Zwift in windowed mode. Then I switch to full screen mode (3 minutes 20 into the video) and Zwift graphics are corrupted. The corruption can be fixed by pressing Windows-Print-Screen. No problems prior to the update. Uninstall/reinstall did not fix.

Dell XPS 13 with fully updated Windows and drivers. Iris 540 integrated GFX.


My computer was doing the same exact thing and that worked to fix it, thanks Tim!
That’s so strange that the print screen button is the fix.