Recovery Ride Route

If there is a real expectation to keep power within 50-75% of FTP during this ride I do not see how someone at 205lbs with an FTP of 210 can do a 7% incline without going over FTP. I was in my lowest gear and could not get close to that low of power, I went over FTP for the hills.
At the beginning of the ride it would be good to remind people of the goal and with the wide range of riders to not get sucked into trying to ride with a group that maybe above what you can do and remain in recovery power zone.
Between all of this I did very poor and at the end did the sprint because I had already lost the recovery load being consistent.

My thoughts exactly…

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Turn off “Controllable Trainer” in devices and set your trainer to a fixed power. Problem solved. You can even set a zone.

My recovery ride had an excellent lead (Matt Yankow) who cruised at a gentle pace including the hill. We’d just done W/O #3 immediately prior. I agree maybe not the best choice of route but workable with a bit of discipline.

Recovery ride on Sand & Sequoias? That’s ludicrous. If there ever was a use for Tempus for a group ride, the Academy Recovery event is it.


Definitely, I often seem to find that Richmond is on when I’m looking to do a Monday lunchtime recovery. That place is perfect for a few laps of the flat. You can even end with a free ride down the hill.

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Agreed my friend.

Not a bad idea. Good info to give people before the ride. I will know for the next recovery ride, thanks.