Recovery Ride - Apply Penalty

As the ZA is meant to be about teaching, perhaps a completion star should be awarded on the recovery ride for those who can contain their enthusiasm?

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A kicking fence should do the tricky. No point breaking a nerve for the over-zealous folks since they have issues…


I don’t understand the problem.

People recover at different speed and power numbers. One rider will recover at 220w but another will recover at 120w. So naturally they will go at different speed.

Just do your recovery pace and ride with those that are at the same pace.


Not at all a surprise, Gerrie!

Perhaps for the recovery rides, they should divide things up into traditional cats. It is a bit absurd to have the Cat A riders in the same group recovery ride as the Cat D riders.

Won’t that just turn the whole thing into a race.

Every one know there recovery pace so just ride with the people at your own pace.

Most will recover in Cat D or C

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No more than putting everyone together.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is only one ride leader. If you are doing a group ride, you are riding at her pace.

Not all of them has a ride leader.

As I said every one recover at a different pace.

It should just be a open ride no leader and no prescribed pace.

That is how it worked before.


That doesn’t sound much like a group ride to me.

I can’t think of a better way to do it without having 4 different rides with 4 group leaders. Having 12 rides per day give 48 group ride leaders per day If they can lead every day for the next 4 weeks.

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Just give people a Star if they can control their effort like in the other workouts - no star then the workout has not been completed.

As there is no draft in these ‘group’ rides, people get sucked into going harder than they should defeating the purpose of the ‘recovery’ ride.

The Sand And Sequoias course used in my Recovery ride probably amplifies the issue as it is a hilly circuit.

For newcomers they need to learn that a recovery ride is just as important as doing one of the hard workouts.

They could always put a bot on there and do the points bonus too as an incentive.

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Why do we need rewards or penalties can’t riders just follow the instructions. If they don’t it is there loss.

The recovery ride has clear instructions.


Just saying they give stars in the workouts when you complete a particular interval whether it is a hard effort or recovery - it should be the same for the recovery ride.

There are clear instructions for the speed limits on the roads too, so nobody speeds and there is no need for penalties ?

No one will die if you don’t follow the recovery instructions.

The amount of programming to add a star :star: for something so trivial is not worth it.

Maybe they should just make another workout and call it recovery for those that don’t want to do a free group just don’t force us to do that without as a group because it will be super slow and boring.

Maybe they should just make the recovery ride an individual free ride instead of a group ride. All problems solved.


This is a specious argument, especially as you’ve already pointed out that not all of the recovery rides have leaders. Also, it’s not 4 weeks. It’s 10 days for recovery ride one and 6 days for recovery ride two.

Here’s an idea for the recovery rides without leaders: pace bots!

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That would require the fence to be working correctly. Zwift broke the relative positioning code a long time ago, notably with the Aug 2020 patch, which totally screwed up the time gaps and order in the riders list (and still hasn’t been addressed).

I still get occasional ‘return to group’ warnings even when I’m behind the yellow beacon and the fence is 30 seconds further ahead.