Recording Rides PC

I want to record my rides and maybe upload them to youtube.

PC: high resolution (ultra resolution made not much difference) / Ryzen 5 2600x / RX 6700 XT / Windows 10 / 2 Monitors (main 2560x1440; 2nd 1920x1080). zwift runs windowed on main. recording with OBS.

Basicly I want to have a “clean” video output file.

After serveral tries I am not happy with the output and somebody might point me in the right direction.
outputmode advanced - recording - format mkv - encoder x264 - rate control CBR - bitrate 8000 (9000 is not much better)
Video: Base 2560x1440 - Output 1920x1080 - Downscale bicubic 16 samples - common fps values 60 - auto remux to mp4
the w/kg on the right side (riders nearby overview) is sometimes pixeled.
mp4 output file is about 350MB for 5 minutes.

Any settings suggestions?
Is there a better way to record full rides (30-60 minutes) on zwift?


What video card do you have?

I use OBS Studio. The hardware encoding improves performance, Zwift doesn’t make heavy use of the video card so anything that will do hardware encoding will help.

OBS seems to work for me on similar settings

I have outmode still set to simple and a Video bitrate of 6000 you might want to try Lanczos downscale to see if it makes a difference. Does OBS while recording show any frames missed or skipped?

Gpu: 6700xt

frames are perfect. Only the video quality is lackluster. On a 6000 bitrate, the w/kg numbers on the nearby riders list are not clear enough. I will try the Lanczos downscale.

somehow that made a huge difference.
the numbers are extremly sharp now.
output was 68MB for 90 sec.@6000


Great to hear.