Recommended Gears for FTP Ramp Test with ERG

What would the recommended gears be for FTP Ramp Test with ERG mode?

Last time I did the ramp test, the trainer didn’t seem to be able to produce the resistance needed for the higher wattages. I suspect I might have been using the small chainring in the front and one of the larger gears in the back, so I might have reached the trainer’s resistance limit.

Should I use the large chainring in the front and small gear in the rear?

Using 2018 Wahoo Kickr.

If ERG is on, gears wont matter. So just pick best chainline for least amount of wear (not a big deal of course).

If you arent getting resistance then something else is wrong. Is the Kickr paired as controllable.

I have read and seen videos that say one should use a middle gear when using ERG mode and avoid your biggest gears for reasons that escape me at the moment. You can do a search on youtube for videos by GPLama and DC Rainmaker on the subject of ERG mode and gearing.

Probably the reason I stated, that in larger gears, the trainer can’t provide enough resistance to get the high wattage, especially if cadence starts going low because of the high resistance.

Kickr is paired well. I think the issue of using larger gears in the rear is the trainer not being able to give enough resistance to get that high wattage in the later stages of the FTP ramp. especially if cadence starts to go low due to high resistance.

For science, I just jumped on my trainer and created a small workout which had a 1 minute warmup and a 10sec 650w interval target. I repeated the workout for scenario 1 - 39tfront, 32t rear and scenario 2 - 53front and 11rear

Both required the same cadence and both hit the target. My only observation is that when in 32t rear, it took longer to hit the target (2’ish seconds maybe) to hit the target whereas 11t rear was what I am used to and almost instant (and thereffore have to anticipate the interval moreso than the 32t)

I would definitely use large front and middle rear with bigger power (wear and tear) but you arent going to scare the Kickr’s 2200 watt limit (well I may be underestimating you!).



Keen to hear how you get on. Even if you created a custom workout to test might save you some time

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If everything is working correctly, you shouldn’t be using the gears during an ERG mode workout. The trainer will set the resistance (torque) to match the required power output and your cadence.

Except that I’ve noticed once or twice that if my cadence gets very high, 125 rpm or more, the trainer (Kickr Bike) doesn’t reduce resistance to match. Then power rises with cadence.

If I’ve understood, you’re saying that you can be pedalling in ERG mode at high power, but resistance doesn’t increase as you slow your cadence. In that case, something’s not right, and it’s not down to selecting the wrong gear.

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I’m planning on doing today an FTP ramp test with ERG.
I’ll use the large front chainring with middle gear in the rear.
I’ll post my findings. Thanks for the feedback. I hope this FTP test works better.