Pedals spinning too fast during ftp

I’ve synced my kickr core, cadence meter and heart monitor properly (unable to upload screenshot). I’m able to start the ramp test with erg mode enabled but even in my highest gear my pedaling can’t keep up to reach the minimum power output even at low levels (my feet are spinning way too fast). If I stop pedaling completely, the gearing gets so high that I can’t even do one revolution. If I change down gears while pedaling, the effort gets ‘lighter’ but changing up to the maximum gear (11 on my 11 speed cassette) doesn’t seem to increase the effort level enough.

You’re doing it wrong. Don’t change gears and maintain a steady cadence. This isn’t like normal riding.

The trainer will be in ERG mode and trying to maintain a fixed power output. So if you pedal faster it has to decrease resistance (the opposite of what happens in normal riding) to maintain the same power. So that’s why you end up getting to too high a cadence.

Pick one gear (I suggest small chainring and then middle of cassette at the rear) and stay in that gear. Get quickly to whatever cadence is comfortable, keep it there, and give the trainer a couple of seconds to adjust its resistance and it’ll work fine.

It feels counterintuitive at first, but you’ll get used to it.


Thanks Steve. I should clarify - I left the trainer in the highest gear for the whole workout. I experimented changing down gears (which reduced the effort required), but stayed in the highest gear (smallest rear cog) for at least 20 mins - even at 160w my legs were spinning so fast I was bouncing in my saddle!