20 min FTP test, increase resistance to help with cadence

I was doing the full FTP test this morning and I am at a stage where I’m struggling as I can’t settle into my preferred cadence. My target was 253W for the 20 mins but on one cassette gear my cadence was low 80s RPM and on the easier gear it was up high 90s.

Does anyone know if the 20 min section uses the ‘incline’ option on the companion app when it activates? It would be good if it could as I could adjust this to get my ideal cadence.

If not, will the trainer difficulty option help here, then though I’m in workout mode? I have this set at 100%

Any other options to try? I don’t like the ramp test as I always overshoot by about 10W, and I can’t complete workouts at this value.

OK, so I went back on and skipped everything until the FTP starts. I could adjust the ‘incline’ and then increasing or decreasing this had an effect on the power for the same cadence.

I’m leaving this up so others can see an option to get more of an ideal cadence. I had my incline quite high, so I’ll edit this the next time and hope for the best

If you are doing the standard FTP test you shouldn’t skip anything as the build up of fatigue is all a part of the test. When the 20 min part begins it goes into simulation mode and ERG mode is turned off. It is up to you and your own legs to find a cadence that feels good to you.

I know how it works. I didn’t skip the beginning when doing the test, I skipped it the second time around to see if I can test my theory. You can increase the resistance / the incline in the companion app and this makes it easier / harder to pedal, for the same power output. Hence I can get a good cadence for the test. My gearing on the bike is to large to do this for 20 mins.

Ah, I see. You could also just change the difficulty slider as well, unless you mean that your setup is too difficult for you to pedal on a flat road for more than 20 minutes.