Recommendation on cable / power brick management when using Wahoo Kickr, Climb, Headwind setup

Hi I am building a new gym and will be purchasing a Wahoo kickr, climb, headwind setup. I’d like to install a deep recessed floor power outlet box to power this hardware in a location that will minimize wire and power brick clutter and not expose it to dripping sweat. Options include behind the mat, under the mat (outlet box can be deep to accommodate plugs), in front of the mat or to the side of the mat. Could even add two outlet boxes if that would be much more effective (vs running cables under the mat to reach single outlet box). That being said, I’d prefer not to install more than one floor outlet box unless that would be substantially better (but will if it is)

Would greatly appreciate forum members’ recommendation for floor outlet placement to create the cleanest, least cluttered, most professional looking setup.


Include a surge protector with battery-backup UPS in the mix. Some of the electronics in KICKRs may be susceptible to power fluctuations.