Am I going to get an angry knock my door

…when I relocate my Kickr Core and rubber mat to a 3rd floor flat for a month? I’m so used to a concrete garage floor, I have no idea whether the mat on carpet will be enough to dampen the vibrations for those below. Do I need to get washing machine dampener type mats?

Any advice gratefully received, unless it’s “your neighbours will hate you”, of course.

I would try first. If it’s a good neighbour, you’ll be warned first. Then you know you’ll need more damping on the floor. :wink:

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Get them dampening.

According to my wife, it’s a nightmare in our kitchen when I’m using my kickr in the bedroom above.

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Hi Paul,
I’d think I’d do as much as you can before you get a complaint.
Zwifting when the neighbours below are out could be a good idea.
I guess much will depend on the construction of the building.
Hope it goes well.

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I’m on a third floor, with a kickr snap on a basic exercise mat. According to my wife, it’s not all that loud. And when I asked my downstairs neighbors if they heard it, they said they didn’t. Now, maybe they were being polite. Or maybe they hadn’t been home the few times I had ridden it before I asked, and now, 4 months later, they notice, but don’t want to complain. Or maybe it really isn’t that bad. But I’m still careful about when I ride; never early morning or late evening, just in case. And if all else fails, a bottle of wine serves as a nice, “Thanks for understanding.”

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Thanks all - much appreciated. I have ordered a washing machine vibration dampener thing.

A lot depends on how well balanced the flywheel is on your particular Kickr. I have had several Kickr Snaps and some of them literally shook the entire house. Wahoo support was great at helping get me one that had minimal vibration and didn’t emit odd noises from the bearings.

When I ride early, the kid is sleeping right next door. I built an isolation platform using washing machine dampers and plywood. That sits on a rubber mat, and that’s on a carpeted floor. So far, I’m not waking anyone up.