How many people zwift in a flat with people underneath?

Thinking of stating zwift and was planning on getting a road bike from Halfords and a wahoo kickr snap smart trainer…is this set up ok for a newbie? now is it ok for neighbours below ? Or will it make to much noise? Will a mat sort the problem is there a specific one I should be looking for? Or should I not be doing it at all? feedback greatly appreciated

That’s a good set-up for a newbie, or anyone.

I have a Kickr SNAP. The unit is quiet, but I have found that individual units vary considerably in terms of how well the flywheel is balanced. There will always be some vibration – some of them are quite good, some of them will shake the building. Wahoo support is fantastic and if you get a higher vibration unit they will swap it for you. Hopefully Wahoo has sorted out this issue and all of the new SNAPs have well balanced flywheels.

A mat will help. Carpet will help. Concrete floors help a lot.

I would imagine that you could get one, alert your neighbors below, give it a try and see if it bothers them. If so, add some vibration isolation, or return it.

Hi Jake,
it might also be worth finding out the layout of the flat below and try ride above a less used room.