Unreliable power data?

When riding at a constant (ish) speed of 39-41 kn/h on the flat (0%) i notice my onscreen wattage fluctuating wildly.

It’s usually 280-300+, but can drop down to 210-230 without me easing up, slowing diwn or hitting a downhill.

Does anyone else notice this, or have any suggestions etc?

Are you using a smart trainer, power meter or zPower for your watts?

Hi Paul,

I’m using a Wahoo Kikr paired up ro my laptop via Ant+

Get a USB extension cable for the Ant+ dongle so that it’s positioned as close to the Kickr as possible. Ant+ is relatively low power and prone to drop outs at distance.

The power smoothing on the kickr would show as partial drops in Wattage not a flat zero.

Amazon basics do a cheap good one. 

Thanks Stephen. Alas I am already using one.