Recommend Bathroom Scales

Can anyone recommend a mid priced set of scales? Mine have just died and I’m looking to replace them.

They don’t need to be “smart” or directly update Zwift, I’m happy to do this manually.

What I do need is for them to cope with a floor that isn’t 100% flat! The floor where I need to use them is tiled and the tiles have a small variation in the surface.

Thanks for your advice.

just check out amazon they will have lots and lots to look at even if you don’t buy from them

Thanks Chris, I’ll definitely look at Amazon once I work out what brand/model to buy.

I must be missing something, what would you use bathroom scales for?

… I might win some races without them :rofl:

Last I checked, there were a lot of consistency issues with electric scales. Most trustworthy were the ones that used real weights, old school

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I use a set of these Salter have been around in the scales market a while, the thing I like about these is you can use proper weight measurement in the form of Stones & Pounds

Thanks Martin

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pretty much any digital scale is pretty good, even the cheap amazon ones. get a self calibrating one (most of them will self calibrate i think). test it by putting a gym plate or a few bottles of water on it and you’re good to go. i have a salter one in my bathroom and a cheap one in my shed and they’re within .1 of eachother. and that is probably more down to the floor they are sitting on (ceramic vs wood) than anything

the cheap one chews up cr2032 batteries for some reason though, so there is that