Recent Updates cannot be installed

My IOS cannot update the app because i lack enough memory. How big is the file update? I still have about 2 Gig of free space and yet not enough?

Should i delete and reinstall the app alternatively?
Please help

Appears to be 2GB exactly according to the App Store

Thank you, could it mean that the update will need 2 gb? Meaning this update is similar to loading the app for the 1st time?

That I don’t know. I’d assume it needs 2GB of free space, but most devices don’t function well if you use 100% of the hard drive space. Plus you’d be unable to update any future game releases and/or iOS updates.

I’d recommend going into the settings and see what is taking up disk space on your phone/tablet and delete items that aren’t needed. That or consider an AppleTV for Zwift (unless you want to go for better graphics then a dedicated PC would be the way to go).

Thank you👍