Received a companion app notification that someone I follow started a ride. I don't remember following said person

I generally only follow people I know in real life, and was a bit confused when I got a companion app notification stating “so and so” started a ride. I do not know who “so and so” is, so I went into my following list and not only were they listed, but marked as a favorite!

I don’t have anyone marked as a favorite so my question is whether there is some way I accidently started following someone and favorite them during a ride, or has someone found an exploit to add themselves to random peoples follow list?

If I get a ride on during a solo freeride, I generally try to return them during the ride by going to the nearby zwifters tab in the companion app. Maybe I accidently tapped the follow icon too? Does it automatically make the person a favorite? Am I just being paranoid?? :smiley:

To add to the mystery, I just checked my recent rides and I did not receive a Ride On from said person in any of those (4 since I restarted my subscription) rides…

I suppose the rider list could have updated just as I was about to press the rider’s name, and I accidently followed them while giving the ride on. Does following someone automatically favorite them though?