Post ride - Add friends


(Perhaps this has been asked before, if so sorry and please redirect me to that post.)

My question is how can you add a person/rider after a ride. I can’t seem to find an option via the website nor via the link app on android. Also if I click on the “Ride on” icon on the android app I get the details of my ride but not the names who gave me a ride-on.

Is there such a thing as a rider look up ? 

Tnx in advance for the feedback! 

there is a button on the iPhone app. you have to dig into the persons profile in the app to find it.

Tnx for the info!

Will have a look on my ipod to see if i can get it working over there. Didn’t manage to get to the point you describe with  Android or PC.








From the All Riders screen, click on a rider:



Then click on Follow:


Tnx for the screenshots.

I’m aware of this option but what I mean is that I have a ride in my activity feed. And there are two "Ride on"s on a particular ride. 

On pc I’m able to see the who has given this but I can’t not go deeper and select “Follow”. On Android I can’t even see the names who has given a “Ride on”.

Ah. Ok.

Hopefully that feature will be coming.

For now you have to do it the old fashion way and scroll through the list of riders when you are using the App and get lucky to find the riders you want to follow :slight_smile:

Rider search is coming. Stay tuned :slight_smile: