What happens when I follow someone, or they follow me?

This is the most basic Zwift question ever, but if I accept someone’s request to follow me, or they accept mine, what do we get out of it? What are they able to do with me as a follower that they can’t do otherwise, or the other way around? I’m not being flip; I really don’t know.

If you are following someone they will have a sort of pointer in-game, instead of just a dot on the mini-map (or in the companion app). This allows you to more clearly note when someone you follow is near you. If you also designate them as a favorite you can receive a notification when they start Zwifting. And if you are following someone, or they are following you, you can see a list in you profile, which makes it pretty easy to go through the list and give ‘ride ons’ through the the companion app, even when you are not actually riding.

You can also use the Meet Up feature to arrange a joint ride.