Real Trainer Worlds

I had submitted the following to Zwift, and one of the reps suggested I post it here.

"While I enjoy the virtual worlds, I think you need to go for some added realism. I would like to see myself on screen as I actual am. In a cluttered garage on a Tacx trainer.

Would it be possible to add new virtual worlds such as a garage, basement or leftover guest bedroom? Instead of other riders, you could simulate things such as the garage door rolling up and a car driving in, or the dog wanders over and sticks its snoot into your rear wheel, or one of the kids comes in, says she is hungry and wants you to stop riding and make her some mac and cheese.

Just sayin’.

Love you guys. Totally serious about this, though."

It was passed on the the development department, so I’ll see where it goes. Any thoughts?

I routinely have to yell at my cat so he doesn’t walk under my pedals as I’m riding, I’ve smashed his head a few times and I can’t believe he hasn’t learned from that mistake yet… cats are pretty dumb though…

Also would need to simulate a spouse asking how much longer, rolling eyes, then huffing away.

Funny you should mention the spouse thing.

This is from a 100 mile ride I did with a friend. We created the Orange County Professional Indoor Cycling Team on Facebook. (OCPICT)