(Bruce Law UCI 66) #1

I noticed a couple of days ago joggers, or were they just walking, on the side of the road on Watopia. 


Nice touch. I’d like to see more of that kind of thing. Perhaps populate the routes with others, not just riders. People sitting at the cafe, walking along the promenade, that sort of thing.

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

The people that you see in Zwift that are running/walking… they are on a treadmill. New feature to be officially released by Zwift.

(Mark Hewitt) #3

As above they aren’t computer generated characters, they are real people running and walking on treadmills using the Zwift iOS app.

(Bruce Law UCI 66) #4

That is what I suspected. Funny, it was just last week I was thinking Zwift would be a great platform for triathletes and runners too. Great to see. 

Mark, unless the are living in a computer world, like the TV show Reboot, I think they are computer generated characters that represent real people. :wink:

Again, I’d like to see the Zwift worlds populated, similar to Tacx VR, just for interest and diversion. It seems like some sort of post-apocalyptic world where, somehow, only cyclists survived. The ‘chosen’ ones?


(Nick Stevens) #5

It does add a nice touch of realism.  Now, all I need are random dogs chasing me and F150s rolling coal and throwing beer cans at me.