Real Roads

Guys as the competytors are not slipping what about adding real roads that you can upload from strava or google maps ? and more realistic view on the ride .
After some time it can get boring riding those fake roads and not perfect 3-D

It would be great but i think that the average computer/smartphone/tablet isn’t ready for a full blast of realism quality images AND +10000’s characters moving around. Don’t get me wrong but it demands a lot of graphic cards and only those super high specs pc’s could run the program then. It would be nice but it’s not going to happen yet, i think. Hope one time…

Thanks for the response.
If the competition can do it , you can do it. Make playstation or x-box clone . :slight_smile:

There are real roads on Zwift look at LONDON, NYC, INNSBRUCK ,YORKSHIRE ,RICHMOND and BLOGNA all based on real world places and route profile.

Robert that “competition” has been around for many years. they cater for a different market. There were many 3D google street view type apps out there totally free enven ones where you can upload your own video of your own ride, but they are nowhere to be found.

But we all have different taste.

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