Realistic simulation (cfr Rouvy)

zwift helps me out a lot with bad weather and bloc training to prepare my season
but more realistic trainings would make it more … realistic!

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what do you mean when you say “more realistic trainings”

for example in Rouvy you can do your rides in real time images!

  • gives in my opinion MORE fun (instead of riding between volcanoes and dolphins)

  • giving the opportunity to choose for both
    a) realistic images
    b) ride between volcanoes

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I don’t think realistic images is that popular, that is why Zwift is the most popular platform. There has been many realistic platforms before Zwift and they are gone.

Zwift has some worlds that are more realistic, Look at London , Richmond and France

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a watt is a watt. but if you want to condition yourself for outdoor riding then you are going to have to do some outdoor riding. realism doesn’t really come into it… i always feel like ■■■■ in the first few weeks of spring when i start riding outdoors regardless

Close passes by pickup trucks would get me ready for road riding.


Maybe you can get your mate to come to your training area every so often to throw some trash at you and yell a few obscenities. :joy:


Get my wife to blare a horn and threaten to fight me…more often.

If you don’t want to ride in Zwift artificial worlds you can use the old but good PerfPRO Studio then map out a route in Strava, download the GPX file then load it into PerfPRO and ride the route.

There are no images, just a graph showing where you are but it’s another option available and it can be a very hard workout.

It’s not really a Zwift rival, it’s something different. Good for its intended purpose, while Zwift is better for group rides.

hahaha!! True. And pickup trucks.

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