Ancient road cyclist suggestions for more realism

I am really enjoying Zwift. It makes cycling in one place almost real. Two things that work improve that are:

  1. For those using smart trainers variable resistance changes simulating wind with some sort of graphic indicating direction and strength.
  2. Crashes especially in rain on cobbles and boards. Hitting wet cobbles in a curve without slowing is just unrealistic. There should be a minute or so penalty. The opposite of a boost.

Hi @Luis_Doriocourt

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  1. Yes wind will be awesome, it will make racing more interesting and tactical. :+1::+1:

  2. Please no crashing. :sob:

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Yesterday I was riding the flats on Watopia when it started to rain just as I was coming to a stretch of cobbles with a curve. My instinct was to slow. Anyway I didn’t but got dropped by someone flying past me. This would never happen in the real world. He’d crashed and I would’ve rolled past.

It would only hurt your pride in Zwift. Maybe the avatar could show some road rash. That would be fun.

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