Real life races for 100 mile rides (Paris Roubaix, AGR, Tour of Flanders etc).

A 100-mile ride now means countless laps on the same track. How great would it be if we could ride 100-miles on (one of) our favorite classics?

Not just riding 100-miles, getting those achievements, jerseys and what not, but this would also be a great opportunity for us to feel like a pro and train towards a specific race day (maybe once every 3 months) with the whole Zwift community awarding a leader jersey, or a private race with your Sunday riders club. 

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It would be great but a huge amount of work for the dev’s to model the route.  Zwift doesn’t use real world data for this, the routes are modelled individually from scratch, not generated from GPX routes etc.  

You can do this if you have a TACX smart trainer and the PC software for it but that costs €125, plus you need a Google Maps license which is another €65.  If you have that then you can upload a GPX file and ride the route in real time in Street View.

Not the answer I hoped for but still very informative. Thanks Dave.