Re-Join the event button

I’d like a “re-join the event” button in the system menu to respawn to the paddock.

It’s very frustrating when you don’t teleport into the paddock after clicking “Let’ Go” button and then have to restart the game to get the button back again.

I suspect after clicking “Let’s Go’ the system thinks it’s joined when it hasn’t (otherwise I would expect the “Join Event” button to stay on screen) – so a “Re-Join” could just allow the user another attempt to spawn to the paddock when the system fails to do this the first time around (or second time).

Good idea It is annoying If you also forget to join when you first log in or warm up and decide to enter an event. The should be an event screen in the event options.


Agreed! :slight_smile:

Perhaps they could have an option either yes or no where it automatically dumps you in the start pen with one minute to go?

If you don’t like it, turn your setting to off.

I missed the start of a race today because of problems. It’s getting to the point where you need to go to the pen at the earliest opportunity to allow for any problems to be resolved, logging in and out reconnecting trainer and power meters.

Although Zwift say a lot of the problems are the users end, the same equipment doesn’t have problems on Rouvy or other streaming training sites.

Gary: My rider does gets dumped to the pen with ±4 minutes to go.  Im on Windows.

So my process is: I select my ride on the mobile app the night before the race. The morning of the race i log in and start warming up riding any route usually something flat, Zwift will show the time to my event in the bottom left corner. When it get to about 4min to go it will pop up a message telling me it will auto join with a count down, I would continue riding until the count down reach 0 and drop me in the pen.