Rapha Rising Mission 2017

I completed this last night having planned on only doing a quick 30 min session…

Will there be a listing of riders and times at any point, and if so where will we find them?

Hi David!

Would you mind clarifying what you’re asking? 

I know it isn’t a race but I would be curious to find out how I did compared to all the other riders who take up the challenge.

My original question was asking if there will be a list similar to a race results with position and maybe average wattage etc

Hi David, 

That’s not currently planned, as this is a personal effort, rather than a race or a Gran Fondo. 

Check out the Three Sisters segment on Strava. This will allow you to compare your time with others plus you’ll be able to see all the stats.


On the official Rapha Rising page, the date for the announcement of the winners is still August 5th.

Have the winners already been drawn and contacted? I thought, they would be adressed and shown on the page?

Thank you,