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Just a suggestion - On Strava you can see who gave you ‘Kudos’.  Is there away you can see on Zwift who gave you RideOn’s…you may wish to follow those riders…but you can’t remember their name when you finish the ride.

Also is it possible to have information added if you won a jersey as well as the  time…This would allow you history and enable you to look back at your achievements.

While you have your 30 day PR display…sometimes your actual PR was prior to that…and currently there is no record. 

Reason I believe this would be an good enhancement - While the link between Strava and Swift is great …the sprint sections…and therefore important times are different. 

Hi Cheryl, 

Thank you very much for your suggestions. All above is being discussed and will get more sophisticated in future but at the moment it’s not the highest priority. 

So stay tuned and in meanwhile Ride On!