Riding times on 'Rapha rising mission - 48 km'

What are your riding times on ‘Rapha rising mission - 48 km’?

I usualy do 1 hour rides on Zwift for say about 35 km. Pushing 180-200 Watts and 2,5-2,7 W/kg.
Just started the Rapha mission ride and done 50 minutes for 16 km and was not even near the top of that second hill … than I quit riding …
How long did you ride on these ride?

The group ride I participated in, doing the “Three Sisters” course, took just under 2 hours, IIRC.

Times will vary greatly; I did the route in 1:21. It’s quite a bit of climbing, as well as a longer distance that some members are used to. However, as Steve mentioned, there are some great group rides out there that will help you finish it fully! 

I did the mission a couple of days ago. It took 1:39 @ 203w (3 w/kg, for me) Lots of climbing but I’m a sucker for a (slim) chance to win a kit and just complete a mission.

It took me 2hrs 30 mins at average 134 watts