"Random" order of workouts in training program

Why is the order of the workouts to start next during a training program not ordered in the same order given when you look up the training program online (which matches the end reports so is presumedly the correct order)? The ‘View entire plan’ gives yet another order. :slight_smile:
I do appreciate that I can pick a different workout if I like to, but if I just want to follow the plan, I need to check the website first to do it in the right order which seems like an easy thing to simplify in app :slight_smile:

This is on Windows 10.

Hello @Hans_ter_Horst, welcome to the forums.

This has been an issue for many years, I’ve brought it up myself many times and pointed out to Zwift staff that it is confusing. Unfortunately, no one seems to be bothered enough to fix it. I believe they are currently overhauling the workout menus and trying to get rid of the legacy menus from the old homescreen… maybe they will finally address this? @Charlie_CC, care to comment?

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Thanks for the feedback Mike; it is really surprising that so little attention is paid to the workouts UX by Zwift. You join Zwift for the nice experience, you stay on Zwift for the great workouts. Now it feels that I need to jump through hoops to get the workout they so carefully put together, a bit of a disconnect IMO.