Ramps up in Workouts

Hi, I am doing the Build Me Up workout in Zwift.
Mostly it works as expected but recently I have noticed that, when I get for example, a 30 second ramp up (or down) that the power just goes up straight away to the top target of the ramp…ie not gradually getting to the target.
All other intervals seem to behave as expected.

I came to ask the same question. Using a 30 second ramp as my observation, it looks like the effort level changes every 15 seconds. In my case, the ramp was supposed to go from 298 to 447 watts. Instead, the first 15 seconds were at 300w and the last 15 seconds were at 375. It never got close to the 447 number. Coming back down, it’s just the opposite: the first 15 seconds are all at the peak and then the next 15 seconds are at the midpoint. There’s nothing else in between.

It looks to me like warmup/cooldown intervals suffer from the same problem, but it’s less noticeable there because the intensity is much lower and the duration is typically much longer. These intervals only change power every 15 seconds, rather than a smooth ramp.

TL;DR: please change the frequency with which ramps change their power numbers! Even switching to a change every 5 seconds would make a huge difference.