ramp up time for workouts

workouts have been great. I use them quite a bit and am currently doing the 12 week FTP builder. Ont thing that bugs me though is that there is no ramp up time between segments. For example, yesterday’s workout called for 5x10seconds at 550w with 1:50 rest intervals at 165w. at the end of the 165w segments, if I go too hard to ramp up to 550, it yells at that i need less power. If i wait until i go under the arch to start ramping to 550, then i really end up only sustaining 550 for maybe 7 seconds. The intervals are so short that i think holding the power for the set amount of time is important. If there was like some grace buffer built into the end and beginning of a segment, I think that would be better. The way it is setup right now, i feel like i am getting penalized because i cant instantly go from 165 to 550.

What kind of trainer are you using? I have a Tacx Vortex Smart and missed the targets the first few trys but I found if I spin up hard and then let up at the completion I will hit the target every time.

We have the same issues using a wahoo kickr in ERG Mode