Racing in your own category

Ola! New to zwift (still in my free trial period) and did the London route today from the front page.

Towards the end I got a comment from another rider:

‘Ride in your own category or stop cheating’
‘People are learning how to rate here’

Can people tell what that means as I don’t want to be in peoples way and just do my riding
(On that note I only have speed & cadence sensors)

Hi @Jeroen_Suijker, welcome to the forums and Zwift!

It doesnt look like you were in a race, so not sure that comment was meant for you. Did it appear in the chat on the side of the screen? Everyone can see that.

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I turned up as a text bulb from another rider so not sure if it was to me or in general

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That’s just how messages from other riders to everyone nearby look. It doesn’t mean it was directed at you.


Something that would help with this, and clean up chat in general, is if messages from any sort of group ride/race/workout were only seen by riders in that group.

Welcome @Jeroen_Suijker.
As new rider you probably see when you sign to event

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
    This is correspond to the categories, and you shall select the categories according to your level.
    You shall not joint event B or C if you are A rider.
    Her you can find more information:
    Zwift How-to: Choose Your Cycling Race Category | Zwift
    Enjoy your races.
    Ride on

They should be really. Messages shoukd be category or event only, but some may be set as public.