newbie questions



I new to zwift (2 days) and I must say I like.
The only thing I did so far is a free ride and a workout and I’m looking out try a group ride or race.
I saw there are different categories and let’s say I want to participe the race “WBR 4 Flat Lap #pst Race (15.4 mi / 24.8 km)” this evening which is open for all categories.
As far as I understeand I have to change my name and add some characters as well as the category (as far as I can see that isn’t asked for the race above, so what to do then ?)

But I still have some other questions :

  • do al catergories start together ?
  • how are the groups/categories separated during the race, will I see all the riders/categories on my dashboard
  • If Yes, how can I see what my position is in the race in my category ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.