Racing in the Twilight Zone

Greetings Zwifters - 

I started the following race today (Nov 12, 1505 USA mountain time):

WBR 4 Flat Lap #pst Race (25.6 mi / 41.2 km) 

I was on the right bike (no TT bike here), and I had a 3 mile warmup before Zwift automatically took me to the race start. I was the only one in category D on the start line.

Everything else was normal for the race start and countdown. I started the race by myself and took off, thinking I might catch some slower C riders. However, there was nobody ANYWHERE riding on Watopia. No fun here.

So I quit the race, restarted Zwift and did a normal 25 mile workout with many other people. Ahhhh, Zwift! So nice. 

After my workout, I went to my zwiftpower account and looked at the race results, and it showed that one person did the D race and of course got first.  I never saw him at the start. 

I searched the forums and I think this problem has been discussed, but wanted to let people know it’s still happening here.

Regards, Mike


I was not racing today, but had a similar experience.

I logged-in and started riding. I was all on my own in Watopia. Not a single other rider…

Further all was fine for me so I just started my ride (pretzel). After 40+ minutes suddenly I see all the other riders (+1000).

Simon de Kerpel -

I just read some more older posts on this forum, and I am now suspecting that during my warmup, I was riding within the latest and greatest version of Zwift that was uploaded to my computer the day before this issue. All was well during the warmup with many other riders on the course.

But when Zwift automatically took me to my race start, I was somehow “placed” within the older version of the software (where nobody was riding) that should have been  archived or deleted during the latest update on my computer.

I re-booted my computer and will see if the problem comes up again. You should do the same if you have not already done so.

We’ll see what happens!

Cheers, Mike Brewski  

I had a similar thing happen 2 minutes before the start of Tour De Zwift, stage 1. 

Funny thing is I found a screen shot from someone else with me in it!

Wow, that is funny but also quite wierd. Perhaps the Zwift software developers have inadvertently programmed a small rift in our universe and we are now getting tiny glimpses of ourselves in some parallel cosmos where Watopia is acutally real!

Or, it could be a simple Zwift client-server issue.