first race disappointment

Joined my first race today, after a frustrating time trying to get zwift working due to network problems (self made).

Set off and at the first corner the pack turned right and I went straight on!!! So I spent the ride on my own.

Do I have to select the course manually for each race? I would thnk that this would be automatic when you join the event. I assume that you dont have to hit a button on the screen at every junction, or have I missed something?


Sorry to hear the news… Were you placed in the starting area with the other riders? If so, make sure you have the latest version of Zwift. Is it possible that you are not using the Zwift launcher to start the game? 

Hi Eric

Thanks for the quick reply.

Yes I was in the start area, and had feedback while riding about the other 33 riders in my group - they where just nowhere near me:(

Display also said I was on lap 1 or 4 for the whole ride, so pretty certain I hadsigned up correctly.

I am on my 7 day trial and have only just downloaded the software (IOS) - so that is up to date.

Which event did you take part in? 

Sorry about the delay - been out putting back the calories I burnt off :slight_smile:

WBR 4 lap flat race

Just done day 6 of zwiftness and all seemed OK.

Can’t see how well I did though - is there a leaderboad somewhere


Sorry, there is no leaderboard for that.