Races for a specific category only

Would it be possible for me to organise a race just for riders in the B category? Most races I do the B riders try to hang on as long as they can to the A riders, but I think it would be nice to race only with riders who are in the same category.


I have only found a few CVR and KISS races that have staggered starts, which is great.

Race organizers has the option to choose if they want staggered starts or not. You need to contact the organizer and ask if they will make that selection. 

OK, thanks. I didn’t know that. It only works if there are enough riders in each category of course. Would it be possible to organise a race only for one specific category?

Yes, events can be created that only offer a single category - but you would either need to contact the event organizer to ask them to host an event specific to one category, or if you or someone you know would like to setup an event like that, please write us at support@zwift.com.