Racer Bio’s

During a race, it would be fun to see some information about the other riders. It could be presented in a similar way as the sprint leaderboard on the left side of the screen. There could be several pages of information that scroll through like the different sprints and KOMs. For example, you could see which riders you’ve raced in the past. Like zwiftpower.com, you could see nemeses and victims. Before the race, there could be a predicted leaderboard like on the zrace.bike website, as well as the best predicted climber and sprinter. Maybe even put an icon for that next to their name, or everyone’s names showing their best strength. There could also be a full list of all riders and their current place and time behind the leader. There could be a list of clubs represented and how many riders from each club are racing. If the race is part of a series, last week’s winner could have a yellow jersey or some icon, as well as sprint and KOM leaders.