Race setup - Royal Pump room 8

Im racing an event where we are riding royal pump room 8 (2x). This includes 1000m elevation in 55km. Anybody have tips for setup?

I dont have Tron.
Im currently holding (lvl 22):
Trek Medone
Canyon Aero
Spez tarmac and tarmac pro
DT swiss
Enve 3.4


Canyon Aeroad or Trek Madone with Zipp 808 or DT Swiss 6.2.

I would go Aeroad and 808s. If you don’t have the 808s, get them - most aero wheels you can get until level 31.

Trek Madone is faster currently than the Canyon Aeroad - ever since the groupset update nerfed a few fast frames.

Right, forgot about that. Madone & 808s for sure then.

I was confused about the whole groupset nerfing thing and which frames exactly were affected. So for a recent race I went and looked again at Zwift Insider’s latest frame ranking charts. Several frames have been shuffled around, so there might be a fair few people using frames that they think are the fastest in their garage and are in fact not so.

Of course this may not matter to plenty of people, but it will do to some.