Best bike frame & wheelset for level 19

What’s the best frame & wheelset for level 19? I currently use the Trek Emonda and the ZIP 808 (I
ve also got the DT SWISS ARC 1100 DICUT 62 - dunno who’s better).

Should I replace any of my frame or wheelset (or both), or just save and wait for another level? (if so, which level and what frame and wheelset buy when I reach it?)

I’ve got like 1.2M drop points atm.

Thanks in advance!!

P.S. I’d prefer an all arounder bike set - but ones that are better at climbing (but should be also good on decent and flats).

Go to and plug in a route, your level, your drops budget and it will give you pretty good advice about what to buy


Canyon Aeroad is probably the best frame you can get until the Scott Addict is available, but that’s not for several more levels. By that time, you’ll probably have gotten the Tron bike, which is generally the best all around bike in game (though the Addict does climb better).

And as far as the wheels you’ve got now, the Zipp 808s are better on flat/rolling, the DT Swiss are better for climbing routes.


Uranium Nuclear is a Zwift drops all-rounder bargain that beats the Canyon is some situations.

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Canyon x DT Swiss ah those were the good ol days
closest thing you can get to a Tron bike for low lvls (probably)
used to be races full of em :smiley: