What bike combo should I use for Innsbruck

I have a race on the Innsbruck worlds course taking in the KOM and the normal loop. I have the Ribble Endurance and the Trek Emonda for frames and I have the Zipp 808s and Enve SES for wheels3.4s. Which combo would be fastest for this loop. Im just off level 14 so wont be able to get the allez sprint in time. Thanks

I don’t think the frames will make a major difference either way, but the wheels definitely will, go with the ENVEs. You’ll be spending most of your time on the big climb where weight is most important, on the faster parts where the aero benefits would be most advantageous you’ll probably be drafting someone anyway most/much of the time so the aero advantage won’t be that big. (Based on climbing performance, the Trek would seem to be the better frame as well.)

Anecdotally, when I rode the PRL full, I made that exact change of wheels (808 to 3.4) at the beginning of lap 8 when I finally noticed what I was riding, with the result that my London Loop times became over a minute faster than with the Zipps (the last 4 were my fastest 4 laps, even including the one where I had to stop to change the wheels). The Innsbruck route has a fairly similar distribution between flat and non-flat parts, except the climb is even more extreme.

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