Race results UPG

Thanks James and it is a close one 3.296 w/kg but that’s the whole race of 23 min. Anyways now I know what to expect. I’m not convinced about the 3 efforts though. ZWIFT is growing FAST and more category’s could be the answer but then you need clear lines. Up one effort and down 3 in last 90 maybe…

This thread is a good recent example of a proposal that does away with the Cats as we know them and proposes a system based on results. Has been quite a few different threads over the years here and else where with similar/different approaches, but the point of linking this is that you (and Steve and I) are not alone in the current system not really being fit for purpose.

Only read the first post by James. Lots of debate in the thread if you are interested of course.


I don’t necessarily subscribe to more categories being the answer - I think 4 are fine. It comes down to how the entries are managed and I know that there are plans afoot for some stage in the future to help people understand if they are entering the wrong categories, or during the race if they are over power.

Categories are a rather sensitive topic with people having a number of different opinions. I like the idea of performance based categories, but that makes it hard with a lot of people entering their first races and destroying the field etc. In the meantime, we make do with what we have, although that sadly also bring those who like to game the situation but we are rather straying away from the OP.


We’ve been saying that for two years or more.

It’s still true though :slight_smile:

But yeah, I know.

Lots of interesting replies here. But what I still don’t understand is, if I was so far over-power why didn’t I win?

Doing big power on the front and doing much less power in the peloton equal much the same time/position.

Best way to win. Be 99% of the category limit (not sandbag, be 99% of the limit), ride smart in the bunch. Get an aero power up. Have a good finish kick. Simples…

I was drafting pretty much all the time.

Another question: When I crossed the line it said I was 9th. Is this result published anywhere on Zwift (not Zwiftpower) ?

Probably just didn’t have the finishing kick then.

In the companion app normally

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And that’s not happening now, right? Nope, those D-cat races are very closely matched in performance.

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Many reasons. Main one: power over weight is a good measure during climbs (two riders with same ratio will climb at approx the same speed even if their weight is different), but not on the flat, where power is more important and weight much less (two riders at same power will ride at the same speed even if their weight is different).

So you have: course (climbs vs flats), pack handling (pulling vs getting pulled), and timing (putting in the big watts when it counts). You can be higher the rest of the field in W/kg, but still struggle on the flats against heavier riders with lower but similar W/kg.

Thanks, found the results now.

Entered this mornings C cat race instead (my ‘correct’ category according to ZwiftPower) and got dropped… :cry:

defined dropped? Not in the front group or dropped to very last place?

Dropped, rode several laps on my own, then got into a small group for the last couple of laps. Finished 28/33 on Zwift, 22/26 on ZwiftPower. Although my W/kg wasn’t that low my average power was much lower than most of the field. Flattish course.

Ok, well without wishing to sound unkind, I don’t really see the problem, you are qualified at the bottom of Cat C so you have to accept you’ll be towards the back of the field. You are in the same position I’m in for Cat A, but it’s just the way it is. Not everybody has the right to compete at the front of their level, that’s how competition works.


That’s a fair point. The only thing I’d say is that in the CAT C race that I was UPG’d from I produced my highest power ever (both W/kg and sustained power output). I finished 9th and, although I was in the mix, think it unlikely I would ever win one of these races. In the CAT B race I entered two days later my power was slightly down, probably due to the lack of an imperative to keep power up after being dropped, but only slightly. Therefore I am likely to always be dropped and finish near last in all future CAT B races. I will continue testing this theory but, if true, it does mean that ultimately I will probably deliberately enter the wrong category.

James - some of the races you particpate in are short Zwift Crit futureworks races - anything under 20 mins means your 20min power doesnt count. The bummer is that your 1 and 5min power does count but Zwift wont say what the thresholds are. So a lot of genuine Cat c people get "cone"ed or dq’s that they wouldn’t otherwise get. I dont race on those anymore for the same reason, but they are still popular it seems. Dont let those race results influence you as non Futureworks ones (as well as non-crit races) are likley to be a bit more normal for you.