Race Organizers: Check your series settings

Edit: deleted original text as this information now lives in an article, which you can find by going to this link.

Flint, thank you for the glimpse behind the curtain. A few questions arise from this peek at race organization especially with regards to Category Enforcement in Zwift Races. I see a number of pull down options relating to said Category Enforcement when setting up a race. Do this create an event that keeps riders from joining categories below their station? We’ve been screaming for this for as long as I’ve been on Zwift. It would be extremely disappointing to discover all the organizers needed to do was select it initially during event setup.

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Would that it worked that way, but ZwiftPower - for all the good it does - can only do things post-race. We have no way with ZP as far as I’m aware to inhibit anyone from doing anything before the race happens.

We’ve got some ideas in the works for that, though, so hopefully we’ll be able to show and share more soon.


We are, as you well know, sooo looking forward to that day…

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