Race Distance Cheating, or something else?

In a 30km race yesterday, my finishing distance was 30km, as you’d expect, but other finishers, including the winner, had much shorter distances at the finish, as low as 22km. Also, during the race there were times when riders who were several seconds back instantly materialized next to the small group of riders at the front. They made up ground too fast for it to be the ghost power-up. Are these two things connected? Are riders somehow able to jump forward on a course in some races? And, if so, does the intervening distance not count in their total distance? Is this a feature of some races? Or was it a bug? Or cheating? It was confusing!

Are yu sure it was a race? Group rides have late join so riders who join late will generally join with the lead group (or thereabouts) and show less distance covered in results.

What event was it?

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It was called “Race: Magenta Cycling Argentina”. Late joining would explain what I was seeing as riders who weren’t even on the list of nearby riders were suddenly next to me. It seems to be classified as a race on zwiftpower but I guess the organizers of it might have called it a race but set it up as a group ride. Thanks this helps.

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Late joining permitted.

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I guess you’re upset as you were 2nd and denied the win.

Understandable confusion… Somehow until this thread and then doing a search on Zwifthacks events, I never knew that there were so many races that allow late join. Seems odd

There shouldn’t in reality be any late joins in actual races.

Group rides yes but not races. That said a lot of rides are called race in their title but actually aren’t races.

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This is partial listing snapshot of races with Late Join, including the next up - showing 3R race that has Cat Enforcement.

Ha yes Stuart but only a little. I feel as if the winner would have beaten me even if they’d raced the whole thing, since they were hitting numbers I never hit even when fresh. Still it was strange as it was happening.

A moral victory is your honour then.

It does seem odd, I’m wondering whether it is how rides/races are set up.
Looking at CA Activity picture you see “group riders nearby’ and no mention of position within the field. Also no CA race results shown. However ZP has issued Race Ranking points which seems very odd considering several in the field, including 1st and 3rd didn’t complete the full distance due to late join. - not that Race Ranking points mean much at the moment.

I rode a USMES group ride the other night. Position within the field was shown during the ride and CA showed race results (certainly not in correct order and same as ZP showed group ride in random order). Rightly no Race Ranking points awarded.

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It must be accidental during setup. I can’t really imagine a reason you’d want late join for a race.

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