Race category too low?

Did my first ever race-the ABSA-yesterday just for a change and the kit. Was in category D and came well down as expected. Noticed the top 10 all averaged over 3W/Kg and the winner 4.2. How come they are in category D?

Either they have no idea what category they are/should be signing up for, or they know exactly what they are doing…

Zwift doesn’t enforce any rules so why follow them when you can sandbag a race for an easy win.

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I thought that was the case. I’m relatively new to Zwift and have come across the term “sandbagging “ before somewhere. Where does the term come from do you know?

Would say they haven’t the balls to go in cat they should be in


sandbagging = racing in a category below your true ability
i guess it means adding extra weight on your profile page, so your w/kg stays within the cat limit, although in reality you are a much more powerful rider.

sign up to ZwiftPower website and look up official results there, they enforce cat limits a lot more robustly than Zwift in-game results page does.

keep in mind, that super lightweight riders can exceed the cat limit in w/kg if their FTP raw wattage is below a certain amount, so they aren’t nessecarily all cheats.

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it’s been used in real life crit/road racing for a long time. the nuance is a little different but both refer to riders racing in categories below their ability for one reason or another