Race Category Restrictions

Did a Cat C race today where the posted range should be between 2.5 and 3.2 wpk. The top 15 finishers were all above 3.5 wpk average. Is there a filter to restrict entry to a category based on their FTP or else a way to corral them to a 3.2 max average during a race so that the people who did sign up in the right category have a chance to properly compete?

do you have some more detail or at least the ZwiftPower link to this race?

ZwiftPower.com does a good job at filtering riders after the race, not the best solution to your question but it is the best we have.

If you link your zwift account to Zwift power you will see your future results in ZP.
See the race results here: Zwift Power - Login

You get my vote for this one, please vote for this feature request.

you are mixing entry Cat vaules and race results here. To enter this race you should be classified as C rider according to Zwiftpower, but the race result may be higher if not bringing your average above 3.2 w/kg. As most of these guys are just under 3.2w/kg, they will be promoted to B cat if they do more 3.2w/kg+ races like this one :wink:

Love the red - Banner upfront at workouts - this really solved the problems with Flyers.
This could be incorperated to races as well ( with an invisible banner)
Exeeding the Category with 0.2-0.4 watts over an average of 20 minutes will individually ban you from the race… „Race Hard and Fair“ - or get kicked…
It‘s soo annoying with Sandbaggers…

Just filtering after the fact doesn’t change the fact it’s demoralizing during the race. I don’t expect to win in Cat C (i’m only 3.0 W/kg and I’m a big guy) but I shouldn’t be get dropped like I usually do without even being able to sit in a front group.

What was the length of the race? If it was a short race, maybe 30 minutes, then a rider with an FTP of 3.2 W/kg could easily do 3.5 W/kg for the race. Some of they guys/girls averaging higher might be very good cat C racers.

The Cat B is simply way too big.
We’d need a B+ and a B Cat, just like with the A+ and A.
I think there are lot of people who are weak B Racer, if you look at the numbers, but could never compete in a Cat B Race.
These people enter the Cat C.
And by that, the real Cat C racers are screwed.

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“If it was a short race, maybe 30 minutes, then a rider with an FTP of 3.2 W/kg could easily do 3.5 W/kg for the race”

Using the 20 minutes when calculating FTP allows you to “overarchieve with 1.05 x Watt” compared to an hour.
3.5w for 20 minutes results in an FTP of over 3.3 W and “is not easily done” with a FTP of 3.2…